My Birthday Wish

45 years old !! My God, that’s how old I am now.. During all my life, I’ve experienced such a great time of my life: having a great mom and dad, brother and sister, great wife, great son, great friends and great community.. 

Life is like a roller coaster. That’s what people always says about it. And you know what, it’s really true. It seems that now I’m at the lowest point of the roller coaster. I don’t have any regret of every bad things happened to me, at least that’s what I always try to do whenever it hit me. I hope I can recover soon by doing whatever I am good at with support of my family and friends.

At the day I celebrated my birthday last Saturday, I just came back from Singapore accompanying my beloved dad who need a medical procedure taken at Mt. Elizabeth Hospital and also my beloved mom. It’s really joyful moment for me to found out that my dad can recover almost immediately after the medical procedure. I also relieved that our family took the right decision to take him to Singapore since doctors in Indonesia has given different opinion on how they can treat my dad.

During my stay at Singapore, I was thinking hard about how was my life all this years and where will I take for the rest of my life. One thing for sure, I really want to be a best person I can be as a son, brother, father, husband and a community member I was involved with. The best I can be. I now that’s a really hard wish to fulfill. But that’s surely my birthday wish..

Thank you to my parents, brother and sister, my wife and son, all of my family and all of my colleagues for my wonderful 45 years of my life.. May God bless us all..

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