MenuBar ReArranger 2 (for OS X Mavericks)


Another interesting Mac app for you to know.. Sometime you have many apps icon at top right of your Mac.. So many that sometime some of them “disappears” behind the top bar menu…

Although you can rearrange your menu item by holding “Control” keys while dragging the icon and move it to the place you want, but it cannot be done every time, because some of the icon cannot be rearrange using this way.

There’s two apps that you can use to solve this problem:

1. Bartender ( – Rp. 191,839.72
2. MenuBar ReArranger(directly from Mac App Store: or MenuBar ReArranger 2 if you’re using OS X Mavericks, available from

For me, Bartender is too expensive, so I finally decided to buy MenuBar ReArranger that’s available on Mac App Store for USD 6.99 = IDR 69.000,- (since it still in promo to celebrate 30th Birthday of Mac from the original price of USD 9.99)

Because I use OS X Mavericks on my Mac, the developer strongly suggest me to buy MenuBar ReArranger 2. When I checked to their website I found out that MenuBar ReArranger 2 is more expensive than MenuBar ReArranger.. They don’t give us promo price for this one… They sell it with the original price of USD 9.99 (converted to IDR 127,765,26)

I paused for a moment.. I even thought to cancel buying this app..

But wait….. When I read the description of MenuBar ReArranger 2, at the bottom they put an interesting information:

Mac App Store Customers
• You purchased MenuBar ReArranger 1.x from the Mac App Store ? Get a FREE UPGRADE.
• Just Download the Free Trial version of MenuBar ReArranger 2, and activate your copy as App Store Upgrade.

GREAT…….. So, here’s what I did to get the MenuBar ReArranger 2 cheaper:

1. Go to the Mac App Store
2. Look for MenuBar ReArranger
3. Buy it for IDR 69,000.-
4. Wait until it finished being downloaded to your Mac
5. Go to
6. Download the Free Trial of MenuBar ReArranger 2 from the website
7. Run the installer
8. Look for MenuBar ReArranger 2 icon on your top right
9. Click and then choose License MenuBar ReArranger 2
 10. Choose “App Store Upgrade”

That’s it.. Now you have your MenuBar ReArranger 2 for your Mac in the cheapest price and ready to use it to rearrange your menu bar..

Hope this article will come in handy for you.

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