Learn Physics & Mechanics in a fun way… Try TinkerBox HD

If you love “Bubble Ball”, you will also love TinkerBall. Developed by Autodesk, this app’s tagline is so true.. If you can imagine it, you can build it.

With this app, you will have your chance to develop your imagination using physics and mechanical concept. So, it’s really a fun way to learn…

This app offer you two game options. The first one is the Puzzles where you can stretch your brain try to solve the “puzzles” by using physics-based puzzles and mechanical concepts.

The other option is the Invent mode where your imagination is your limit. You can create unlimited machine combination. Share it with your friends or download popular inventions online at

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Developer  :  Autodesk
Requirement : compatible with iPad, require iOS 3.2 or later
Price : FREE

Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure

This is an app that’s really a-MAZE-ing. It combines a maze game with a look-and-find adventure based on Roxie Munro’s specially design maze. You can find her amazing arts at her website :

This app contains 16 screens where you have to find your way by driving a car, walking, flying, skiing, and rafting. During the trip you can find letters, numbers, penguins, and dozens of other items which you have to find different items every time you play. You can play this app together with your children for hours and enjoy the beautiful drawings Roxie has created for this app.

Please also visit to follow the making process of this amazing app.

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Developer : oc graphics (c) OCG Studios
Requirements : compatible with iPad, requires iOS 3.2 or later
Price : USD 4.99