I’m back….

It’s been a while since I post my last blog.

Now, I’m back to share my vision, my thought, my hope that I take from my life experience.

I’ll publish my blogs starting from next May 2018.

Stay tune…..



Another Birthday Wish…

It’s been almost 2 years since I wrote my last blog… 😦

During this time frame I’ve experienced many things, good and bad, happy and sad.. But all of them have made me realized that I’ve made a lot of not-so-good decision that then give an impact to my life now.

Now, with my upcoming birthday, I really wish I can catch up what I’ve missed so far..

So, let’s see if I can make it happen…. Wish me luck….

My Birthday Wish

45 years old !! My God, that’s how old I am now.. During all my life, I’ve experienced such a great time of my life: having a great mom and dad, brother and sister, great wife, great son, great friends and great community.. 

Life is like a roller coaster. That’s what people always says about it. And you know what, it’s really true. It seems that now I’m at the lowest point of the roller coaster. I don’t have any regret of every bad things happened to me, at least that’s what I always try to do whenever it hit me. I hope I can recover soon by doing whatever I am good at with support of my family and friends.

At the day I celebrated my birthday last Saturday, I just came back from Singapore accompanying my beloved dad who need a medical procedure taken at Mt. Elizabeth Hospital and also my beloved mom. It’s really joyful moment for me to found out that my dad can recover almost immediately after the medical procedure. I also relieved that our family took the right decision to take him to Singapore since doctors in Indonesia has given different opinion on how they can treat my dad.

During my stay at Singapore, I was thinking hard about how was my life all this years and where will I take for the rest of my life. One thing for sure, I really want to be a best person I can be as a son, brother, father, husband and a community member I was involved with. The best I can be. I now that’s a really hard wish to fulfill. But that’s surely my birthday wish..

Thank you to my parents, brother and sister, my wife and son, all of my family and all of my colleagues for my wonderful 45 years of my life.. May God bless us all..

In search of a Passion

Now, the year 2009 has arrived. People around the world (as usual) have plenty of plans and hopes for this year. For me, from the first day of 2009, I realized that this is the year of struggle. The year that I really have to search for my passion so I can do something that I can be proud of, enjoy doing it and in the same time I can spend more time with my family and can support our life in a better way.

Now, the question is, what’s my passion? Where can I found my passion? With whom can I share my passion with? That’s are the lists that I’m working on right now. One thing I’m sure of, that whatever my passion is, I want to do something that make a difference to others, even it’s a simple and small things.

Since now I haven’t got a steady job yet, doing some works together with my wife, family and friends apparently give me a great joy. Things that I didn’t get when I still work for the past several years. 

People used to say, God has a plan and a way out of every problem for people who trust on Him and as long as they work hard. Hopefully I can found my passion as soon as possible and can share it to others.

Thank you to my wife, son, family and friends.. Let’s continue doing something useful for our family, friends and others.

May God bless us all..

Selamat Natal 2008

Natal 2008 telah tiba.. Salam damai untuk kita semua..

Natal tahun ini akan merupakan Natal yang tak akan pernah saya lupakan seumur hidup saya.. Mudah-mudahan apa yang saya alami sekarang ini dapat benar-benar merupakan awal “kelahiran” saya kembali dalam bentuk semangat kerja dan kreativitas yang lebih baik.

“Semua akan indah pada waktunya”. Kata-kata indah inilah yang saat ini selalu saya tanamkan dalam usaha saya mengatasi masalah yang datang bertubi-tubi.. Semoga damai Natal 2008 juga menyertai saya untuk dapat menggapai harapan ini..

Terima kasih untuk semua yang berperan dalam jalannya kehidupan saya selama tahun 2008 ini, terutama untuk istri saya tercinta yang selalu memberi dukungan dalam suka dan duka. Dan juga kepada putra saya tercinta yang selalu dapat mengembalikan semangat saya pada saat saya sedang kehilangan semangat..

Selamat Natal untuk semua…

Hey… “Happy New Year” ;-)

Yes, you’re right.. Today is still in the year 2008.. But hey… for me, I feel that today is already a new year.. A new day with lots of work to be planned, lots of work to be done. Just like we used to do every time we enter a new year. I hope that today will be a new milestone for my career and my life.

For those who was part of my team “last year”, I really want to say thank you for all your support. I wish that I can do more with you guys during our time together. Also, please accept my apologies for all the mistakes that I might done.

Good luck to all of you.. May God bless us all..

End of year’s Note

Every time we reach the end of the year, usually we take “a moment of silence“, re-thinking of what we had done and haven’t done, achievement and failure.. That’s how we can keep moving on for a better future for the upcoming year..

This year is quite a special year for me.. Lots of memories which is good and bad… Hopefully this year’s colorful experiences can get me to a better year in career and life..

Thanks to all my friends and colleagues for being a great partner for me throughout this year… Wishing you all the best for the upcoming year..

Hikmah di balik masalah…

Itulah kata-kata yang sering kita terima sewaktu kita mengalami masalah yang berat.. Mudah untuk diucapkan tapi amat sulit untuk dicari… Paling tidak itulah yang saya rasakan.. 

Tapi memang benar, untuk dapat keluar dari masalah dan kemudian bisa melangkah lagi kita harus dapat mencari penyebab masalah yang sedang kita hadapi, introspeksi diri, lalu mengambil suatu kesimpulan akhir yang nantinya dapat kita jadikan bahan rujukan kita agar kita tidak kembali mengulang kesalahan yang sama..

Menyalahkan diri sendiri atas peristiwa yang telah terjadi kadang-kadang merupakan suatu kesalahan, tapi menyalahkan orang lain atas peristiwa yang kita alami adalah kesalahan yang lebih besar lagi, terlepas dari fakta yang menyertainya.. 

Ah… Seandainya pencarian ini segera dapat saya temukan, beserta solusi yang dapat mengangkat semua permasalahan dari pundak saya, alangkah indahnya….

This is my biggest hope right now..