About me

Entered the IT world since mid of 2005, I considered myself as a newbie in this line of business. Started as Managing Director of iBox Training Center, a computer training center which use only Apple Macintosh on the facility.. During this time, I started socializing Apple Technology in Education to the Indonesian Education Institution which at that time wasn’t familiar among Indonesian Education Institution.

I left iBox on November 2007 to start my own business together with other partners which we called PT. Kreativ Network Sistem. In this company, we focused on Education Solution in a fun and entertaining way. That’s why our Company’s Tagged line is Edutainment Solution Provider .

Starting from 12.12.08 I officially left Kreativ to be able to concentrate more on develop education content in various type of media.

Last brief update:

Since I left Kreativ, I joined another Apple Premium Reseller where I continue to share my passion in Apple Solution from March 24, 2009 until September 24, 2010.

After a brief pause, I then got a chance to join Global Teleshop until now. Not so long after I joined, Global Teleshop opened a new division focusing in iPhone together with other Apple products.. 🙂

So, to make it brief, now I’m continuing what I love to do… Sharing my experienced about Apple products and solutions..


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