In search of a Passion

Now, the year 2009 has arrived. People around the world (as usual) have plenty of plans and hopes for this year. For me, from the first day of 2009, I realized that this is the year of struggle. The year that I really have to search for my passion so I can do something that I can be proud of, enjoy doing it and in the same time I can spend more time with my family and can support our life in a better way.

Now, the question is, what’s my passion? Where can I found my passion? With whom can I share my passion with? That’s are the lists that I’m working on right now. One thing I’m sure of, that whatever my passion is, I want to do something that make a difference to others, even it’s a simple and small things.

Since now I haven’t got a steady job yet, doing some works together with my wife, family and friends apparently give me a great joy. Things that I didn’t get when I still work for the past several years. 

People used to say, God has a plan and a way out of every problem for people who trust on Him and as long as they work hard. Hopefully I can found my passion as soon as possible and can share it to others.

Thank you to my wife, son, family and friends.. Let’s continue doing something useful for our family, friends and others.

May God bless us all..

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